After about a year of marriage my husband and I came to the same conclusion: “We need more space… for handbags and shoes!” So naturally our first question was, “where should we live?” We spent hours on all the major property websites, but got frustrated at having to look at zillions of external sites to check broadband speed, distance to our favourite foodstore, house price trends, all this while attempting to optimize the location for both of our commutes. It was a nightmare. After hours of searching and going to see places, we thought there has to be a better way to do this. So I set about creating an app and called it HotPostcode.

HotPostcode uses big data analytics to scan all 1.7 million UK postcodes in under 20 seconds to help people find their ideal place to live in the UK. Hot Postcode is free for iPhone and iPad users.

If you’re a first time buyer, looking to move in with someone special, starting a family and need more space, or an aspiring property investor then HotPostcode is just what you need.   The app even has special data sets for outdoorsy types looking to be near water or green spaces, techies who need fast broadband, foodies looking to be within a certain distance of their favourite foodstore, families who want good schools nearby, sales people looking to live near major motorway junctions, hospital workers looking to optimize their commute, investors looking for areas with specific price trends, and more!

•   Creating a search takes less than a minute; you can save results and mark your favourite HotPostcodes to go back to later.

•   Discover a nice, new place when you’re out and want to know more? Use HotPostcode to get key stats about a location instantly – commuting times to major cities, broadband speed, school data, crime rates, house prices and more!

•   Send family and friends your HotPostcodes to get their feedback. You can even email the list to your estate agent – no more wasting time looking at houses in the wrong location!

So if you want a data driven way to find a place to live in the UK, Hot Postcode is just what you need!

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